katniss everdeen.


Katniss couldn’t seem to fall asleep, no matter how long her eyes had remained shut. Her mind continued to wander into the ideas of what it would be like once she was in the arena. What the scene would be this year, and what the Cornucopia would hold that she could possibly use. Where she would hide at night, where the water would be located if there was any water at all. With a huff, she rose from her bed in the training center apartments, slipping out of her much too expensive pajamas and into a pair of pants and a simple t-shirt Cinna had given her. 

Finding a pair of shoes in her closet, she pulled her hair out of it’s usual braid and let it hang around her shoulders. It might be cold where she was headed, and her hair could shield her from the wind. Making her way quietly out of her room and up the staircase, she found herself walking through the door to the roof. She couldn’t help the subtle smile when she saw the familiar blonde-haired boy looking out over the Capitol. He had most likely had the same thoughts. “Couldn’t sleep either?” She asked softly, moving to stand next to Peeta. 

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    Katniss laughed softly, shrugging indifferently. “It’s a nickname that fits.” She smiled. “It’s cute.” Down the hall?...